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given 8 coins and one of them heavier than the others, how many weighings will be needed to find the odd one ?

4 Answers

two weighings are needed. separate into three groups (3,3,2) put three on each side of scale, if sides balance then place two remaining coins on either side of scale to see which is heavier. If sides don't balance, take two coins from the heavier side and put on the scale to see if one is heavier, if they balance, the one you took off is the heaviest.

One weighing. Place four coins in each pan. Take two off at a time until the scale balances. The heavier coin will be in the hand of the pan that ascends.

@Cigar lover ... no. once you put coins on the scale, that counts as a weighing, and every time you remove coins it counts as a weighing. this boils down to the 3-3-2 solution above. the first time you remove 2 and weight, you are weighing 3-3. at that point there are 3 possibilities still. the scale is even, or one or the other side is down. you have to do one more weighing from there.

If we write return statement in try, catch and finally block, which one will execute when and why ?

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Coding and design questions

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They have asked do you the exact reason Why the lehman brothers collapsed..overnight ?

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Explain overall polymorphism using uml diagram?

2 Answers

1)How do u find the Circles in a graph. Write the algorithm on the board.. 2) Implement a Queue using Stacks 3) Reverse a linked list in a optimized algorithm

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Why do you want to change the current organization?

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Your registered users are increasing exponentially. How will you handle it. This was a question on scalability ten years back when clouds were only associated with rains

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1. Design a textpad, define the classes and interaction 2. How CVS will maintain versions internally ? 3. How do you choose potatoes in the market?

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