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Senior network engineer Interview Questions


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How the Global Traffic Manager works?

2 Answers

I worked on it so was easy for me to explain, but they asked more on end to end packet transfer which was tough to explain ;)

After the Global Traffic Manager uses wide IP-level load balancing to select the best available pool, it uses a ... The following sections in this chapter describe how each load balancing mode works.

salary expectation

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Reagarding Networking Concepts and work experience.

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Technical details about RAN

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Versant Round - Little difficult to crack

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mostly into cloud and hybrid cloud

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Stuffs related to palo alto firewall

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Question on TCP handshake process, Dhcp DORA, SSL handshake, OSI layers , VPN, ssl and ipsec. L2 and L3 diff, digita certificates, encryption, scenario based questions.

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Your skillset to Volvo internal job profile matching.

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