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Versant Round - Little difficult to crack

1 Answer

Be very clear with English and pronunciation

VTP versions and differences, BGP MH scenarios, STP scenarios and difference, Bunch of LAN Switching practical scenarios, OSPF vs EIGRP. BGP practical scenarios (MED, next-hop, iBGP vs eBGP) stuff and a lot more!

1 Answer

Question on TCP handshake process, Dhcp DORA, SSL handshake, OSI layers , VPN, ssl and ipsec. L2 and L3 diff, digita certificates, encryption, scenario based questions.

1 Answer

How the Global Traffic Manager works?

2 Answers

About the previous experience with the company.

1 Answer

Difference between rip v1 and rip v2

1 Answer

They askd me everything in technical,all BGP related questions, EIGRP, OSPF etc;

1 Answer

-Routing -Switching -Network Design -Related to your current profile -Related to CV

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Was asked about basic question like APIPA, collision domain , BC domain, explain everything how communication take place from host-host with router and switch in between, explain eigrp

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Related to my last company role $ responsibilities and current role JB mentioned questions

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