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Senior operations professional Interview Questions


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What do you understand by Security?

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Security means to protect and security access means allowing a person access to confidential data only if the person is authorised to have access to that data.

Why are you looking for a change?

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was screened over the phone and then interviewed over the phone by two people. I was then invited to an in person interview, which IBM paid the expenses for

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In the first round most the questions are from resume. 1. Where is the sar file is located & why we use sar 2. Write a IPtables rule to block a particular site? 3. Where is the syslog log file is created 4. What is LVM & Explain how to extended a LVM, reduce a LVM 5. How to scan LUNS attached on Redhat Linux? 6. How did you installed ESXi Server 7. How do you do create a standard partition procedure? 8. What do you know by Package manager YUM & Configuration file of it? 9. How do you install VMware ESXi server? 10.Where is the syslog server log file is stored? 11.What is a RAID and what RAID Do you use, i've answered RAID 5. What are the Minimum disk required for RAID 5 12.What are the RUn Levels in Linux and what are those Run Levels? 13.What is TCP Wrappers and what are the security precautions that you follow?

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