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The very last question was, "if you could be the product manager for any product in Google which would it be?"

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He wanted a one word answer to end the interview


Designing manager

how can assets transactions will be migrate in the oracle apps

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More like unexpected ploy: How do you build customer intimacy and then saying this is not the answer for all possible answers from experience and michael porter.

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When I quoted an example, the interviewer asked me to do the story telling of what I spoke about. I think the question on how do i use Eisenstein for the process.

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Past experience in terms of projects and on problem solving (situation based)

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All rounds were same, your experience (15-30 min, market trends, common PM challenges)

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A hotel booking for the blind.

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Different monetization channels for Whatsapp.

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CV walk-through for 10 minutes

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Describe strategies around growth / supply chain optimization / catalog management / CX that would make sense for a given scenario

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