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Tell me about your last project

2 Answers

Explain in detail (using the technical jargon) your current project. (Or the one that you are comfortable with). Ensure you use the right amount of diction in english language (You might scare your interviewer)

Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Shiva Kumar i'm from Hyderabad working in IT past 13 years Thanks & Regards, Shiva Kumar 7396878760

What are the bad things in you?

1 Answer

Details of assignments handled in previous organisation. Salary structure of my previous organisation was asked.

1 Answer

How do you handle stake holders

1 Answer

Give an example when you were not the leader of the team but had to take decisions.

1 Answer

How do you deal with conflict?

1 Answer

What applications have you worked on in PM domain?

1 Answer

What are your expectations?

1 Answer

Query on whether I will be able to work as a reportee to people who were younger to me in terms of age and how will be able to ensure that this would not impact my performance.

1 Answer

Questions are standard and available in application form

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