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Senior QA Engineer Interview Questions


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1. Techical Test (Programs with Java and selenium - set up connection and read data from table and used it in your code, selenium-select, etc) 2. Techical Interview 3. Techinical + logical Reasoning 4. Technical +Managerial 5. VP Round

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80% Question i have answered well.Few of the logical questions i missed out.

Hi can you let me know kind of questions asked in round 2 and 3 ? Help would be much appreciated

Did you got the call from HR ?

Why there are 4 Automation engineers in your team and not 2 or 1?

2 Answers

Domain kNowledge

2 Answers

they asked about mostly, 802.11r, 11ac-wave2

2 Answers

What are the different testing techniques

2 Answers

how to open google page

2 Answers

Questions on manual testing process

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Provide test data for a program whose functionality is to find second smallest number in a set

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Java Strings and FileReader questions

2 Answers

Questions on different testing techniques and tools used for automation. Also automation approach followed

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