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Provide test data for a program whose functionality is to find second smallest number in a set

3 Answers

1 2 3 2 2 2 4 5 6 2 2 1.9 2.1

give only number as input

-1, -2, 0.05, 0 , 2, 3, 4, space, special character

they called me for final HR round and started technical questions

1 Answer

I had almost a 20 mins VB and Python scripting test on web-apps in tech round. I had to write the scripts for DB connections, API mapping, external data source reading.

1 Answer

4. Debug a website (say, which is not up when you typed the same in the address bar.

1 Answer

Wireless, wlan testing questions

1 Answer

how to know if all a-z alphabets are available in given input

1 Answer

Mostly general QA questions and some good technical questions on perl, unix commands, what is 'umask' in linux ?

1 Answer

All questions based on scenario and completely from your CV

1 Answer

what is TOAD and which queries can we run in it? What are bitmap checkpoints? Differentiate Jmeter and Selenium?

1 Answer

Most of the question were related to testing of REST API's, types of automation done, simple program to judge on coding Skills

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