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Senior quality assurance associate Interview Questions


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I bragged about my college project work and they asked - why didn't you take patent for the work.

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The technology i used is already present in the market. What I meant was, no one would have achieved this at B.E. level

How much you are expecting?

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Why you want to join sapient?

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Manual testing questions (Specification based techniques) Selenium (EventFiringWebDriver, Listeners, TestNGsuite.xml, Actions, JSExecutor, Page Factory, Frames, Sikuli) API Testing (Resources, Types of request, Request Body)

Online exam 50 Qns from java and 50 from Automation (Selenium/Appium + API + SQL) one should score 70% to get clear. Then followed by technical discussion in which they covered all the topics from java & selenum in java: starting from string to collections both verbal and problem solving. problem solving is critical, what they looks is not just solution to the given problem, also code re-usability, code optimization, code quality. Selenium: about framework design patterns use of page factory and how many ways we can initialize the page factory handling browser session using singleton concept method chaining in automation how to configure cucumber hooks globally

Exceptional handling, collection, testng, explicit vs implicit wait,

Appium working, how appium communicates with device.