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why do you think you are suitable for this role?How can you contribute to the organization?

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I have got 2 years of experience as Research Analyst in Lead Generation, And i will give my full effort towards my skill to organization.

I am a clean slate. willl get moulded as desired. Have willingness to learn

Where would you categorize 'Premium receipts' in financial statements? (for insurance companies)

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second round GD. Topic 1:Technological advancement is more important than social harmony for development of a nation Topic 2:small eating big

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Basic Research And experience.

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Some basic questions on finance, some basic puzzles from case interviews books etc. Most of the questions on past career moves and decisions. Every interviewer tries hard to convince you that each of your past career move was bad since Irevna was not there, and once you join Irevna, you are set for life! Very unprofessional and demeaning attitude.

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Will you be able to prepare the presentation and are you well versed with the Excel software?

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i) Introduce yourself ii) Why do you want to join SIPI? iii) Do you know advance excel?

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How would you try to create a new database of people in NGO / political donations

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Generally, it'll be from your resume only not from other topics. 1. Tell about your self 2. Tell about your process 3. What is 10K 4. What is 10Q 5. Difference between 10K and 10Q 6. What is 8K 7. Difference between 10K, 10Q and 8K 8. Are you willing to work in complete Night Shift? Both in the TL round and Manager round will be the same, they both will ask you the similar questions.

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