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LG Soft India
Senior Research Engineer was asked...16 February 2021

Addition/Deletion/Search elements in Linked list.

1 Answers

Handling corner cases is a must. Use as least memory as possible. Interviewer will give hints that there can be further optimization either with respect to memory or processing speed. Less

United States Steel

If I had a disagreement with a fellow worker on how to solve a problem, what would I do?

1 Answers

Listen to what the person's solutions is, explain my solution and either convince worker why your solution is better; or be prepared to concede that their solution is better. Or seek a compromise. Less

Roskam Baking Company

What do you think want to do with your career?

1 Answers

I want to try and help fix America’s problems little by little.


Give me an efficient data structure to (predict and) display the next possible letters or words when you type a text message.

1 Answers

Check this link about predictive text: Less

LG Electronics

what switching regulator be used in lcd tv for optimal performance

1 Answers

gave options of mosfet & igbt depending on reliaility & performance

The same questions that are already there in the other interview questions, palindrome and key-count and write the test cases as well.

1 Answers

Well I thought I did very well but apparently not.


Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Reinforcement learning.

1 Answers


Delta Electronics

Knowledge on sheet?metal design & manufacturing process was one of a key area where questions were more

1 Answers

I do have very good hands on experience on sheet metal it was very easy for me to convince them. Less


It was rather informal. I was asked all kinds of questions. Some interviewers seemed more prepared than others.

1 Answers

I answered questions in a more behavior interview style. I had a bunch of scenarios ready for examples Less

What is difference between bus and mux?

1 Answers

Bus use different data type while mux use same datatype

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