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GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology Pantnagar
Senior Research Fellow was asked...15 September 2012

what are the latest number of Macro nutrients mentioned in The Book entitled Nature and Property Of Soils By Nyle C. Brady and Ray R. Well.

1 Answers

I think It's not mentioned in the book.

Indian Institute of Technology Indore

about your experience and what you have learnt from your master program

1 Answers

I showed them what kind of reaction I have done during M.Sc..

North Maharashtra University

Tell me about yourself? Basic subject related questioning.

1 Answers

Gave details related with my educational qualifications and statement of purpose. Less

Punjabi University

Basic questions on Pharmacology

1 Answers


Defence Research & Development Organisation

about M.Tech thesis work

1 Answers

Detailed description was presented in front of the interviewer

University of Michigan

What's your professional expertise that can contribute their research group?

1 Answers

I gave them some examples how can I solve difficult problems.

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Fluid mechanics, Interpolation, etc.

1 Answers

Explained with formulae on board.

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

How is porosity different from pore volume

1 Answers

The former one is a ratio of space to total volume

Robert Bosch India

Formal Methods, Program Analysis.

1 Answers

Techniques in formal methods and program analysis.

Indian Agricultural Research Institute

Related to role and area

1 Answers

Though discussions and Practical Aproach

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