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Senior Scrum Master was asked...7 May 2020

I am the CEO of the company and everything is running smoothly in my company without Agile but you as a person for agile background convince me to start Agile .How would you do it? or Tell me how to sell Agile?

2 Answers

when everything is going fine why do they want any other process and simply just for brand sake don't use Agile Less

Everything is smooth ? R they even running a project ?

First American Financial Corporation

User story valuation

1 Answers

Explained in detail but she was expecting book answer as INVEST...

Gorilla Logic

Splitting user stories what would be your best approach.

1 Answers

Always answer you want to build small user stories and you should foster the team to split them if necessary. Less

Mary Kay

What would you do if you had a team member that was not making progress on your project

1 Answers

As a scrum master it is my role to make sure that scrum processes are being adhered to for the project. Team member performance would be a responsibility of either the manager or project manager to rectify which would have to be determined by the leadership. Less


How the scope creep is controlled when it is fixed bid project using agile methodology? it would be great if explained with a suitable example

1 Answers

Need to visit/re-visit using the Scrum Ceremonies the impact on Scope, Time and Budget. if any deviation need to plan/re-plan as well bring it to the right forum to take right action at the right time Less


Behavioral based: Tell me about a time when ...?

1 Answers

With a real life work experience and I was honest if I hadn't experienced the scenario in question. Less


Why I want to join Salesforce

1 Answers

I want to work at this company because of the culture.


What do you feel makes you a fit for this position?

1 Answers

because I have 10+ years of Agile Scrum leadership experience as a scrum master and product owner Less


Are you a scrum master?

1 Answers


Eze Software

1) Why is using story points better than estimating with time for Agile stories? 2) Do you think grooming a backlog a 4-6 weeks out is a good use of time? 3) How do you help employees "own the room"? 4) What do you believe are the most important artifacts?

1 Answers

Reacting to the unprofessional manner - I was conflicted; was this a test or were these people this arrogant. Less

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