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Senior Customer Service Advisor was asked...3 January 2020

Name one time you made a positive relationship with a colleague?

1 Answers

I started off by discussing a conflict in work and how we addressed this.

Chamberlain University

How will your background help you adjust to this new role, should you be offered the position?

1 Answers

I discussed each of my jobs and how the culmination of all those experiences were great preparation for the needs of this role. Less

Bristol City Council

What does diversity and equality mean to you?

1 Answers

How is customer service important?


Describe a time.. Explain how you..

1 Answers

I drew on past experiences and gave my stories in the STAR format. I guess I didn't use enough of the buzzwords to pass the interview stage. Why don't companies just ask if you're qualified, experienced, willing to put in the graft, and whether or not you take sick days like eating a tub of pringles. These competency-based questions seem ridiculous to me. They force people to come up with fabricated stories that will have no bearing on how one performs their job. Less

British Heart Foundation

What do you know about the BHF retail division

1 Answers

Read the current strategy report and annual report.

Bank of America

What would your manager say about you?

1 Answers

She would say I'm reliable, a self-starter and a great positive addition to the team. I am continually eager to learn new things and take on new challenges in order to continue to grow. Less


They asked my salary range which I answered honestly.

1 Answers

The offered me much less than a person is making for the same exact job.


There is quite a variety of questions.

1 Answers

I did my best, but that did not make a matter that goes for nothing

Bristol City Council

How is teamwork important?

1 Answers

How have you dealt with a difficult customer?


All questions are related to customer service

1 Answers

To the best of my ability

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