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Senior software architect Interview Questions


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RE - Frame work Stages

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Got real time hands on to answer to questions.

Why do you want to join Altisource? Mostly irrelevant questions. Puzzles in the Panel discussion, which have no semblance to real life scenarios

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Mostly data structure related questions. Like Question: Find duplicates in a Linked List/Array. Question: Find the number of pairs in an array of integers where their sum equal to a number. Some other question on Design Patterns

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Explain how you would implement cacheing mechanism in a distributed, image processing application. Explain how would you architect a image processing application.

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Where are the binaries stored in PCF? (Pivotal Cloud Foundry)

Lightning questions, Service cloud questions, Apex class coding question, visualforce, triggers, Automation tools like workflow, process builder approval process guided flows.

All sort of bookish question and case study cpoied from google.

Methods adopted for securing the cloud enabled software against cyber attacks?

How does PCF internally knows when to upscale a service?

Write Programs in C#, ASP.NET, Javascript and SQL. Real use case problems.

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