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Senior Software Engineer Interview Questions


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Asked to provide previous examples and how it would relate to role and responsibilities. questions were as per role .

Easy questions only as they don't know much. Ask everything what is available on internet.

1)OOPS principles 2)Which collections have you worked on? 3) Difference between Hashmap, Linked Hashmap and TreeMap 4)Internal working of Hashmap 5) Difference between Comparable and Comparator 6) What is margin and padding in JavaScript? 7)What is view encapsulation

3 Java Programs, 2 Selenium Programs, OOPs Concept questions

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Why you like to change?

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Merge point for linked list, tree - level order traversal, array questions. iOS What all frameworks you used? Associated type, generics, weak and unowned, Structs and classes, observer pattern - kvo, delegates, Notification Center, singleton, Enums and many other things

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