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Very Basic questions and Case studies

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It was ellaborative, but the Interviewer was not ready to listen, want to just jump over my answers, Pathetic is one word , i can say about the whole process

Looks like u were interviewed by Essence team

They asked about skillset not relevant to my experience.

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Q1 - "I don't think interview is possible now because Panel is not available now. So can you return please"? Q2 - "Can you attend t-con mode of interview please (was asked after two hours)"? Q3 - "Since we don't have any weekend process, can you attend a t-con based interview please"

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strengths, competencies, fitment

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Design patterns and threading

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What would be the one problem that you would like to solve by starting your own startup in India, provided you have unlimited manpower and resources.

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Questions were mostly on Networks , Mobility, Data Centers and broadly encompassed on * requirement gathering on a infrastructure deal * solution stitching * Technical Account Planning * Behavioural questions - conflict management, cross function workings etc

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scenarios based, Design

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what is your aspiration to join capgemini?

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Experience in your current role

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