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1] what was the challange you faced? 2] Tell me another challange you faced? 3] Tell me somthing else all these are not challanging.

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Interviewer was yawning and not in the mood to listen to anything.

What did you answer to the first and second question that they literally spelled out the 3rd question for you

How do you handle conflicts in the workplace?

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I was asked mainly on what was on my resume and a little on the technologies in the job description. I had recently prepared for CCNAv3, so I was up-to-date on some of the technologies in the job description and so things went smoothly. I was also asked questions on TCL as that was the foundation language they were using (other than mainly using Python, Robot). I did not work on Python /Robot so no questions were asked on those. I had Perl also on my resume but no questions on that.

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The technical interview was scenario-based and it was decent but HR and Management round was not up to mark they spoke as if this is the only company in the world and everyone will be waiting to join here.

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They keep talking about mentoring, learning mindset, but in reality that never happens.

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interview questions are in C and OS

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Given a text, extract the frequency of each word, and produce an output sorted by applying the following conditions: a. descending order of frequency b. ascending alphabetical order, in case two or more words have the same frequency (clash) Ex. class java set map java object java class object list Output java 3 class 2 object 2 list 1 map 1 set

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Firmware and embedded systems. general questions on Software trends and some technical on the previous job

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What is virtual file system VFS?

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