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Implement Elevator operations. 1. Close Door. 2. Go up. 3. Go Down 4. Go Down. Sample Input and Output was provided, you have to implement it.

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Can u explain how!?

VC++ Program, Implement Smart Pointer class with Reference counting.

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Design Movie maker UI and Class diagram, Thread Sychronization. UI Left panel shows thumb icon list of images. Right panel plays, renders current image. How do display first image in 5 seconds, movie file might be on network drive. how do you display images, in separate UI thread as soon as they are loaded by reader thread.

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Which protocol is used for mobile device communication with Mobile Testing tools?

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They asked me more on Designing as i was being interviewed for SEnior technical specialist.

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Design Book library. People in company should be able to Reserve, Checkout, Checkin book. Book may have multiple copies. Book can be reserved if it is already issued/checked out by some one else. Search books by people, title etc. Seach People by name, books they own.

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About Yourself

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current deliveries,switching scenario, few on routing noting too complex.most are familiar question from the other interviews ask.They look at your communication,confidence and technical.

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More emphasis on software design choices in my interview

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Program in implementing a data structure in java

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