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Difference between demon and batch process Questions on OOPS Questions on Database etc

Its really about how well you understand what you have worked on,

2 Round of Interview. First Round - Video Call - Interview 1) OOPs, Concepts. 2) Deep concepts of Inheritance. 3) Friend functions and classes. 4) Virtual functions. 5) Few questions on Abstract class and Interface. 6) Easy data structures and algorithms Second Round - Video Call 1) Discussion on Debugging the code. 2) Discussion on C and C++ Compilers. 3) Discussion on coding - They will share a few problems and you have to explain + Provide the best solution.

You have to remember the various ways of declaring VBScript arrays, compile time and run time errors that may be generated in cases when you dont declare or initialize them properly, etc...

Interview toughness is reasonable not too tough not easy either but

There were many questions on Collections, Multi-threading, Hibernate, Spring & RESTful Web Services

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