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About Yourself

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Giving my overiew which is something not mentioned on my resume

2 Round of Interview. First Round - Video Call - Interview 1) OOPs, Concepts. 2) Deep concepts of Inheritance. 3) Friend functions and classes. 4) Virtual functions. 5) Few questions on Abstract class and Interface. 6) Easy data structures and algorithms Second Round - Video Call 1) Discussion on Debugging the code. 2) Discussion on C and C++ Compilers. 3) Discussion on coding - They will share a few problems and you have to explain + Provide the best solution.

current deliveries,switching scenario, few on routing noting too complex.most are familiar question from the other interviews ask.They look at your communication,confidence and technical.

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What you know about IBM? What is your long term goal?

Which protocol is used for mobile device communication with Mobile Testing tools?

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Interview toughness is reasonable not too tough not easy either but

C++ Concepts in depth Project Architecture and detailed design Challenging tasks you have accomplished in a project

More emphasis on software design choices in my interview

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Complete SAFe framework (almost for 1.5 hours). Conflict resolution.

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