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Describe the uvm environment, deep copy & shalow copy, diff between mailbox & queue etc. Project description.

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In shallow copy sub class objects are not copied whereas in deep copy complete sub class is copied. Mailbox is similar to a queue, which allows only atomic operations. They can be bounded/unbounded. Bounded means it can be configured to fix size. Mailbox size can be configured to fix or unbounded while queue size is unbounded. Get/put task is used to suspend a bounded mailbox. That's why mailbox is used more for communication between threads. FIFO can be implemented using mailbox. While FIFO or LIFO can be implemented using queue.

They started with project related questions.

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In SV and UVM started with basics and went deep while process is going on

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What is a parametrized class?

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As I was an experienced professional there were only face to face interviews at Intel's Office. The schedule was setup for 6+ rounds of interviews starting @10AM-5PM. All of the rounds were technical & even during lunch and half an hour after were technical questions asked in the form of fillers(seriously!!??) All rounds went very well except for few mistakes for one or two queries. Questions were mostly on projects. Also they covered topics like Comp Arch,OS,Verilog,System Verilog,Methodologies,Puzzles. After the final round the interviewer told that I will be getting a call back from HRs. Its been two months still i haven't received a single mail/call from the HRs. Which is quite unprofessional behaviour from the reputed firm like Intel. At-least have a courtesy to tell that you are not selected or something like that!!

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UVM environment related SV basics Logical questions Protocols Verilog, CPU architecture Assertions Perl basic syntax

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1. finding the probability of possible combiations of a radom variable with given constraints. 2. Question related to System Verilog Assertions.

Explain inheritance, polymorphism. Write test bench for sequence detector

Can we override constraints like data members?

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