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How much business can you get for the Company

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I said I can nt put a number or target but all the customers whom I have served in the past will certainly consider the products & services of this company and some of them will opt for it.

Dude, I think Service Delivery Manager is responsible for making sure the cost-effective, timely and quality delivery of "Services" and not bringing the business. How much business can you get the company is the question for Business Manager to answer - right? I can think of two options: 1. Interviewer is dumb and doesn't know how/what to ask profile specific questions. OR 2. Interviewer is a genius, thorough in his/her approach and knows what he/she has asked and expecting from candidate to answer. Solely my views mate, please do not take it otherwise. Cheers

First round - 1. Take a online store as an example and write all the phases involved in achieving this solution. 2. Prepare estimates for the same. 3. If team members are ill and unable to attend the office, how will you maintain the project timelines? 4. What's the motivation factor for employees? Second round - 1. Explain the performance tuning steps that you will take on Java projects? 2. Why You have not worked on Spring yet? Why you didn't learn Spring till now? Its been in the market since ages. 3. Ptch.. I don't see you are up to date on skills, why? I don't know why HR will send candidates...ok, lets proceed. 4. There is an issue that client reported and what are the first 3 things that you ask team to look in to?

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why signify

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Usually business cases & technical questions can be tough. It totally depends on the profile being interviewed for

Mostly on Project Mgmt , Service Delivery, Oracle Apps ,Previous Experience.

Q: What was your past experience in Support/Service Delivery projects?

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What is difference between Incident and problem management What are main problems while handling engineers Can you give soft skills training or any technical training How do you work to maximize profitability Can you receive customers phone calls in night

Even experienced candidates are being asked questions those are asked to fresher what is your strength ? what is your weakness ?

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The interview process in GE is pretty different compared to other companies. They try and figure out where you stand in terms of GE growth values instead of asking stupid technical questions to experienced people.

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