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A service manager can work in many different sectors and departments. Although you may specialise in one particular vertical, it is also possible to transfer your skills to a new niche. Expect to be asked about how you manage people, projects and planning.

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Top Service Manager Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top service manager interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: What is your approach to solving problems?

How to answer: A large part of a service manager's role is to minimise disruptions to clients and the business. Start by explaining how you identify and manage potential problems, then give an overview of how you approach concerns once you have identified them. Talk about a specific problem you have faced in the past and outline what methods you used to solve it. Finish your answer by highlighting what lessons you learned from the experience.

Question No. 2: How do you stay within Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

How to answer: This question allows you to elaborate on your project management skills. Mention specific techniques you use to track deadlines, timesheets and budgets. Where possible, use specific examples. If an interviewer asks you about falling outside of SLAs, highlight how you manage client expectations while working with your team to get back on track.

Question No. 3: Why do you want to work for this company?

How to answer: As a service manager, you are an integral point of contact between clients and the company. Demonstrate the fact that you thoroughly understand the services offered by the company. Give an example of something you admire about its product or service and be enthusiastic about contributing to client satisfaction.

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Customer Service Representative was asked...26 July 2016

The online assessments were 3 tests total, quite intense. The first interview was a screening interview to the real interview. I am currently waiting on the (hopefully) final interview.

51 Answers

Update; so I took the online test last week on Thursday and passed, then yesterday (Thursday) I got a phone call and the last asked if now was a good time for the phone interview. I was surprised that she called me to do the phone interview, I expected it to be scheduled in advance. SoI did that and she said I passed that also and I would be getting a call from the local office to come in for an in person interview. So it was exactly 1 week for me from Test to phone interview. I am assuming things are speeding up now. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for the in person. I really hope its soon because I have other interviews next week and naturally I will have to accept an offer if I get one first (the bird in hand thing) but I want to give Verizon the priority as thats my first choice. Interesting thread we have here. Where is everyone located? I am in NYC Less

I applied 6/27/16, email to take test on 7/17/16, passed test, on 8/20/16 got call to schedule face to face interview for 09/05/16. Got email the next day, thanking me for interview & that I will hear from them soon. Called recruiter 2 was later, she said I passed face to face & was still interviewing other & they are awaiting finalists. As of now it's been 4 week & a few days & still nothing. If I passed interview, what's the hold up? Or maybe it's just that many people that applied. I'm not sure, but this has been a very long and stressful procedure. Background, I have long year of sales and call center experience, so this is worrisome. Any of you guys had to wait this long for an offer? Less

I called the recruiter and she said they were rushing to get through canadite's interviews and fast as possible and they haven't call anyone back yet. This was for the Philadelphia office. They told me in my interview classes started 11/07 which is soon so I'm not sure what's going on with them. It's ridiculous Less

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United Airlines

Describe a time when you forgot something.

35 Answers

Yes it is a relieve to talk to u lol. Yea I saw that they posted the temporary CSR, let's hope so. I am so anxious to know I hate waiting for answers lol. Will definitely keep u posted too thanks. Enjoy ur day. Less

Hello ladies, actually y'all are not going to believe what happened. So I passed the language test than 2days later a call from United telling me congratulations we want to give u the job if u r still interested, n of course I said yes, so to make a long story short I went to Houston airport to do drug test, fingerprints because she wanted me to B on March 21 class 3days later I received a call from background people asking for my education information since it's international so I have provided that yesterday on the 14 n by noon I HAVE RECEIVED MY ONBOARD WELCOMING ME TO UNITED, N FINISHING THE PAPERS WORK. TODAY AROUND 9:00 RECEIVED A CALL SAYING they are going to put me on the April class because my background is not ready yet n that the March 21 class is now filled. I was so ready for Monday but this happened. OMG can y'all believe that? Anyway I hope that everything will b OK to go for next month. So disappointed. CLH congrats again, anonymous don't worry ur time is right around the corner. CLH do u mind giving me ur email I would like to give u a message for somebody who's going to B there 2. Thanks girls. Less

Hi, u r so welcome girl n yes indeed God only do what's best for us n to him we leave all our affairs. N thank you to u as well n one day will come where we all will wear United uniforms with a BIG smile. Have a wonderful weekend my dear. Less

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United Airlines

Are you willing to work flexible hours?

33 Answers

I received my background check confirmation email yesterday Feb 28th. Just waiting for my drug test email confirmation as well. Less

Has anybody did their drug test yet? or has gotten their confirmation email?

I spoke to the recruiter today. We should be receiving the drug test confirmation emails by the end of this week if this helps anyone. Less

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If I gave you $40,000 to start a business what would you start

30 Answers

A breakfast stand! I love breakfast. It's low cost (able to maintain good profit margins). It's in high-demand (fastest growing meal market). I long to be my own boss. I'd be home by noon. And I know the perfect spot. Less

I would open a "coffee shop" with Wi-Fi and power stations for your electrical devices. And I would put it along route 1 in the Florida Keys Less

How to get $40,000 without asking for it

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Dell Technologies

Are you more of a hunter or a gatherer ?

26 Answers

It is actually a nice question . Hunters are "designed" to stay focused for a long time on a single task and to do it well ,gatherers are capable of multitasking but they don't go deep into their tasks . So i guess the answer depends on the job description Less

Neither, I'm the chief

I am a gatherer when my counterpart is a hunter, I am a hunter when my counterpart is a gatherer. Balance. Less

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EMSI Engineering

Please spell "idiverticulitis".

22 Answers

@Danna It does if it's an iOS app designed for those who suffer from diverticulitis! Less

This is definitely meant to embarrass people. I suspect the best you can do is ask the standard spelling bee questions (e.g., ask for the etymology and for them to use it in a sentence). In this case, their sentence will probably be pretty outrageous. I had to look it up, but diverticulitis is a "small, bulging sacs or pouches of the inner lining of the intestine (diverticulosis) that become inflamed or infected." After that, I'd totally botch the spelling but hopefully have enough poise to laugh it off. Less


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Are you a positive person?

20 Answers

Absolutely yes.



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What makes you a great fit for the position? Why are you leaving your current Job?

18 Answers

Not in the interview! I think on the application! But most jobs only go back 7yrs unless it dealing with banks,pharmacy, security stuff like that! Haven't heard anything back as of yet I guess because training dont start until July 31st! Good luck!! Less

i hope i get the job did your background come back already?

When I interviewed it was with two ladies I still haven't heard anything but if he said you will know something in two days I hope they call you! Less

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When can you start? Is it soon?

18 Answers

As soon as possible

As soon possible

As soon as possible

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Would you be able to commute?

16 Answers




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