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The one peculiar question they asked was, if in the language c# static was not implemented, how would you create static keyword?

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This was a hypothetical question, they wanted to know how I would respond.

How long did it take to receive the offer letter after the interview ?

Explain architecture...

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There were no trick questions. As can be expected for the role, the discussions were about how well I did my job and how well I could be expected to perform. Had quite a few questions about the design choices made in earlier projects, the reasons for not using alternate methods etc. None of them should be difficult for someone who has really worked in the role before. Some of the more interesting questions were about the future of technology in the field. Questions about what would be the leader in the market, which technology is hot, what does customer want etc.

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About Past SharePoint experience

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CCAT online questions around Aptitude, figures & English. It is 15 mins test containing 50 questions. Don't know what is cut-off score & I didn't pass.

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Requirement was for .Net/Angular Architect but they were emphasizing on automation testing. This is ridiculous that they don't properly write job description!!

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1. What is SOLID priniples, give exaples 2. Hoes does GC work 3. Tell about your current project's architecture 4. Which Design Patterns have you worked on? Give examples 5. Do you know Facade pattern? 6. What do you understand by Cohesion and Coupling in classes 7. Different between WCF and Web API 8. Whats are the uses of MEF

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Why do you want to join Altisource? Mostly irrelevant questions. Puzzles in the Panel discussion, which have no semblance to real life scenarios

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