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Software automation testing engineer Interview Questions


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Public int compareTo(object o) { Employee emp = (Employee)o; return -; }

3 Answers

Output should be 0. Since compareTo() implements Comparable interface.

Have you received offer.?

Have you received offer?

QA related

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Selenium - system test to login into web application with combination of username and password reading excel

1 Answer

What was the efficient way to set your password, inorder it will be difficult to encryption for hackers.

1 Answer

Generic questions from selenium, Java, mobile automation, framework etc..

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skills related

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Why would you join us?

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Question on Java Coding: String a = "444"; String b ="555"; String Total ="999" 444 and 555 should be fed by the user and the output 999 should be generated.

1 Answer

Standard selenium questions like scrolling, taking screenshots, select class, changing dimensions of the browser, etc Project management related questions.

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Write code to read the cell in excel? Difference between abstract class and interface? Difference between assert and verify? Different locators? Xpath methods (contains,startswith) TestNG groups? TestNG listeners? Waits in selenium? Explain framework? Tell about yourself? What is polymorphism?

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