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Why are signals RED in color for stop?

1 Answer

I remember reading this in physics class when I was in school. It is some thing to do with the color red being the least scattered by air/light molecules. But I would just say that the color red depicts danger so...

Why is the beach light red? lighthouse

2 Answers

sql queries, basic java question and logical questions

1 Answer

Plot the architecture of Online Shopping System.

1 Answer

For data analyst role there were some probability questions and puzzles and HR and for SDE the code written in the second round was evaluated and some other algorithm based questions were asked(easy).

How does Java handle garbage collection? How do you force garbage collection?

1 Answer

More questions on Java was asked,I was not prepared that time

1,What is [angularjs, nihbernate,,, session , sql, WCF, MVC, Web API] 2. write a update and insert query syntax?

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