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First Round Questions (6 year Exp Software Engineer took the interview) 1)In a Given array which contains sorted numbers only one of number matches with that of Index. Find the number Not in O(N). 2)Derive a DataStructure to support the following operations Insert/Delete/Search/GetRandom Value in O(1) & O(logN)

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Problem1 can be solved via binary search. The index to find would be the "turning point" in the array, where all entries before it are smaller, and all entries after it are larger than the indices. Search can be done in O(LogN)

This is Assuming that numbers can't repeat

Both are straightforward problems.Interviewer was genuine enough to guide when I was deviating from the answers.With Collaborative effort this was solved. Overall this interview lasted for 45 minutes

A web service is used by many teams. How do you release a new version ? Sending emails or reminders to a mailing list of current users does not guarantee a full response, what do you do?

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Second Round Questions (3-4 year Exp Software Engineer took the interview for SDM position(for a Guy with 12 years Exp).This guy had lot attitude I felt and basically was not even listening the answer. I believe for higher management position they should sincerely not allow this kind of LEADERS to take the interview) Given Single LinkedList with Next and Random pointer. Write a function to duplicate this.Overall this interview lasted for 45 minutes

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Most of questions were related to Software Programming, Architectural Development, Development of TDD & Agile Plan, Scrum process, Agile process, Team management, Change Management, Team Development etc

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You have balls of four color (red blue green yellow). There are 10 balls for each color. They are randomly distributed in 4 boxes. You can pick any ball from any container (obviously you won't know the color of ball till you take it out) What is the minimum number of balls you have to pick to make sure you have two balls of the same color?

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Design a stack overflow system considering the scale.

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Gatling script to execute perf load on lower instance code was shown and was asked to review the code.

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1. Data structure 2. Payment Industry 3. Future of payment technology Like I mentioned, Need to wait. But can't say. Finally some conclusion after technical round. Should have better processes in my opinion.

Architecture: design a system for customer site analytic

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