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Puzzle question: A Floating ship contains 1 stone , If I drop that stone in sea,,What will happen with water level??? Is it increase or decrease n why??

8 Answers

after long discussion... concluded that it will decrease..

nothing will happen

even i feel nothing will happen to the level.plz explain the ans.

1. Find vowels from the given string in the first round. 2. They provided small small c# programs for each sessions

5 Answers

Prove that limit theta tends to zero sin(theta) / (theta) tends to one?

3 Answers

Programming Round: 1) Write a program count 1 to 50 number. Every multiple of 3 it should print " Manhattan " and Every 5 multiple it should print " Associate " and combination of 3 and 5 multiple. it should print "Manhattan Associate". 2) How to create class for Smartphone feature using oops concept. Databse: They Given Three table : shellar name,Customer,order: 1) find out all shellarename who ever purches Maruti car. 2) find out all shellername who ever purches Honda and indika car.

2 Answers

1. write a program to implement memcpy 2. reverse a linked list recursively 3. inter-process communication 4. explain everything from the time you type a url in the browser 5. implement a stack

2 Answers

Every number between two twin primes is a number divisible by 6 can you prove it?

2 Answers

How Can you Improve Binary search to find out the smallest and largest Integers in the given set

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C++-98 with some part of 11 with stl and design patterns

1 Answer

Find no of 1's an 0's in the given binary string?

1 Answer

Simple Questions were asked .The interviewer was so nice to me. First of all, he asked me to introduce myself, then the questions he asked was Q1.What is SQl Injection? Q2.How SQL injection can be prevented? Q3.What is DOM? Q4.What is cross site scripting and how it can be prevented? Q5.What is Restful Webservice? Q6.How delete operation can be performed using Restful webservice? Q7.What is ajax? Q8.How ajax functions? Each and every question ha asked was depending on the answer of the previous question. At last he asked me to write a program for all the number from 1 to 100 ,all the number that are divisble by 3 print 'FIZZ' ,all those number divisible by 5 print 'BUZZ' for thoose number divisible by both 3 and 5 print 'FIZZBUZZ' for other print the number itself (just find the mod and use if loop)

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