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Java basics Algorithmic thinking Design questions Logical thinking question.

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Although everything was fine but they don't have budget for good salary so I rejected it. They offered me only 15% hike with joining bonus even though my review was good.

nothing unexpected

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The interview was quite easy, mostly FAQs were asked in Java. I answered almost all of them correctly. The interviewer asked me to wait outside, I waited for few mins. Then I got call saying that I should leave, as hiring manager is not in office. After that no communication, really unprofessional HR. Tried to connect to them but no response.

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Design LRU cache using basic data structures

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High level design for a system with few features

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Design an in memory word processor. Implement cut, copy, paste, formatting, recoverability etc.

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Some of the interviewer asks the questions that are college type and may not be relevent to the job. Looks the interviewers prepare themselves with questions available online. I think most of them are applicable for a fresher

What is EVC mode? Difference between HA and DRS? Scenario based questions? Real life examples server Performance based questions.

C# Core, OOPs concepts, Design Patters, Entity Framework, Selenium, Coded UI, API Testing, Performance Testing

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In memory cache implementation which supports concurrent operations for PUT, GET and DELTE

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