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Platform Architecture, Integration Architecture, Situational questions.

Topics covered as per my skills and expertise like Android, Core Java, Kotlin, Dart & Flutter. Design patterns and project Architecture approach, problem solving skills, leadership mindset.

Problem solving questions. Mostly question were from DS & Algo

length of longest palindrome in a string deleting alternate nodes in a linked list print pair of numbers whose sum is a particular number in an array

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3 Rounds over all. First two rounds includes DS and Algo and last round was Design.

Add 2 linked list Char frequency in String

hacker rank programming questions

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how to make class not derivable how to make doubly linked list operations using singly linked list.

First: 1. Given people's visiting/booking chart for time slots (from-to) into a cyber cafe calculate the maximum computer you need. 2. Calculate the minimum dice rolls you need to win a snake-ladder game denoted by a 2 dimensional matrix where position of snakes and ladder are also given. 3. One more data strucutre algorithm question. Second round: 1. Producer consumer problem and solution 2. Getting most trending hashtag from a stream of tweets efficiently 3. One more multi threading problem which I dont remember. 4. ConcurrentHashMap in java and how does it work and difference b/w other hashmaps. Third round: Short comings from my java round (multi threading) and how would i like to improve my solution. Sine wave sorting from an array of integers. My experience of the interview so far. (He was impressed by the ds algo round and solutions)

There were around 25 - 30 question in each of the round

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