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Given an array of n elements and a number which occurs more than n/2 times in the array, find the number. O(nlogn) then O(n).

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Use a counter and a result variable. Initialize it to 0. Traverse through the array. If the current number is same as result increase counter else decrease counter. Once counter becomes 0 for a particular value of result, change the result to the new value. The value of result at the end of the array traversal is your answer.

Pre preparation before Interview

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Basic Operating Systems concepts

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Separate 0s ans 1s in array

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What is thrashing in relation to Operating Systems?

If there are 40 students to be interviewed, which data structure will you use to classify them.

Write a regex

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What do you understand by the word KPO as a business?

They gave me a problem in which I need to find the number of occurrences of a string in a 2d matrix of characters

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