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Given an array of n elements and a number which occurs more than n/2 times in the array, find the number. O(nlogn) then O(n).

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Use a counter and a result variable. Initialize it to 0. Traverse through the array. If the current number is same as result increase counter else decrease counter. Once counter becomes 0 for a particular value of result, change the result to the new value. The value of result at the end of the array traversal is your answer.

In some of the semesters you have a good score but in some you have very bad score. Why?

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Basic Operating Systems concepts

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Separate 0s ans 1s in array

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What is thrashing in relation to Operating Systems?

Write a regex

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They gave me a problem in which I need to find the number of occurrences of a string in a 2d matrix of characters

Tell me the major differences between C and C++ ?

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