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SQL Command?

3 Answers

What is cloud computing?

Can you pls tell what were the other questions asked that is other then java , SQL , Linux. Why you declined offer? And what was the salary they were offering?

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All basic and expected HR questions for initial 2 rounds, Telephonic screening and HR interview.

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The technical interview was taken by the team lead, don't make mistakes on SQL queries, expect questions on Java or OOP concepts, Computer Networks and your resume related

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Jquery based questions were given. Was allowed to do google search.

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Round 2: Find identical position pair in array and give their count. If A is array with N numbers then two positions(i,j) are identical if A[i] = A[j] and i1 Answer

Round 2; SQL Query: Given table of events with event_type, event_time and event_crowd. Find largest and second largest crowd value for all event types and provide their difference.

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Generally less technical , Basic your degree questions

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Almost none

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all basic question nothing was difficult... they are looking for those who can communicate well... they can teach technical stuff....

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What is view,synonym,DDL,DML?

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