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CS Fundamentals - OS DBMS Sorting Algorithms Implement LRU Cache

Tell me about oops concepts and how u applied with ur project?

Real life uses of queue, stacks, linked list. When will you use while loop or a do-while loop. Difference between Encapsulation & Abstraction. What is Polymorphism. Explain all the normal forms. 3 SQL queries, one was easy, two were difficult.

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This round were focussed on testing passion for coding & logic building capabilities. Questions were based on resume. Subjects like Data Stuctures and Algorithms were main.

Depends on Profile you apply for

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One live coding question. Check whether the given text matches the given regex pattern. Other than that there was a brief discussion about my projects and internship experience.

Normalization in DBMS, Sorting Algorithms

Designing system for a 100 story building with 8 elevators

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