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Interview was pretty simple,good amount of basic questions were asked in the written test.

16 Answers

Interview process was good,its a walkin almost 2000 people attended the interview.....selection procedure and other aspects are well mannaged.

did u get the offer letter if not then will they release offer letter

did u get the offer letter if not then will they release offer letter

Sql query: There is a table, called alphabet, a column in it as alpha, there are 6 rows in that column as a,b,c,d,e,f. I want to display feabcd in output

6 Answers

there is a 5 lit can,3 lit can if i want 4 lit how will u give me?

5 Answers

test life cycle in assurance

4 Answers


4 Answers

Retesting,Regression,Severity and priority defects etc

4 Answers

Asking 3 bulb puzzle questions

3 Answers

Give reasons....why did a particular bug made it to a shipped title.

1 Answer

Logical 4 friends playing on a computer Monitor falls and breaks F1 says F4 did it F2 says F1 did it F3 says He did not do it F4 says F1 is lying Only one is saying truth. Who's mistake is it???

3 Answers

Is gold mined or manufactured?

3 Answers
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