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were do u see urself after 5 years

21 Answers

my aim is to work hard and honestly at any pt. of time...and i see myself working in ur company as a hardworking and honest person

i never decide my point before that time..whenever i feel satisfaction then i will create my point of dream ..but i never feel satisfaction

within 5 yrs i want to be as stable as holdiing myself to such a level where i can take care of my expenses

What do you think is the role that you are going to play as a solution consultant.

1 Answer

What's the difference between single stage and multi stage application in RCM?

1 Answer

What's difference between Wizard and Panel in Onboarding?

1 Answer

They wanted to check my technical capability in terms of scenario based question.

1 Answer

Interfaces and abstract classes, OOPs concepts

1 Answer

are you willing to work in a 24*7 environment

1 Answer

how to handle tuff situation

1 Answer

TCP IP Protocol Server Raid

1 Answer

Do you want to join Alcatel-Lucent?

1 Answer
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