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Bellevue Public Schools
Paraprofessional, Special Education was asked...4 May 2012

If you encountered two coworkers engaging in gossip, what would you do?

2 Answers

I would stay away from it and if the gossip got brought up in front of me, I wouldn't spread it and say it is not ethical to talk about other coworkers. Less

That's really hard to answer when it's the principal and the secretaries who are doing it! Less

New York City Department of Education

Why do you want to be an educational paraprofessional?

2 Answers

I spoke about how all my volunteer work surrounding my own kids inspired me to get involved to share my mothering qualities to children who parents don't have time to offer. Less

I want to be a special Ed paraprofessional because I think I would enjoy it and do well working with children that have special needs. I’ve always had passion for working with such individuals and I believe I have the experience to work and care for them correctly. It makes me happy when I see a someone learning something new and understanding it, knowing that hopefully I’ve helped them in some way. Less

If a concerned parent spoke to you about how their child not doing well in their teacher's classroom what steps would you take?

2 Answers

I would inform the teacher that the parent would like to speak with them about their child's work performance in class. Less

I would inform my supervisor or the teacher and tell them the parents name and let them know what they said to me and inform them. I don’t believe it would be my place as an aide to give lots of information, I feel if that would be the the teachers job to discuss with the parents. Less

Brookline Public schools

"How would you handle a student who doesn't want to do the work in front of them?"

2 Answers

I would ask him if he needs help explaining the assignment

I would try relating to them, to redirect their focus, and listening to their story. Then I would clearly say we need to work. Less

Higley Unified School District

background on experience

2 Answers

I have experience working with special needs and cognitively challenged individuals. I have experience working at working at a day service for adults/young adults and preparing activities and lessons for them. I also have some experience as a job coach for disabled adults in the workforce and I’ve worked for 2 years at a nursing home as an activity coordinator assistant, where I worked with elderly and rehab patients. I’ve always enjoyed working with children and challenged individuals. Less

Shared previous work experience with special needs

What is one of your weaknesses

2 Answers

I hate that question, but I try to be honest about what my weaknesses are. Basically, I have some issues with people pushing my buttons and disrespecting me. That makes me angry, and I want to fly off the handle. But I use self-calming techniques to "reset" and get back into what I refer to as "Wise Mind." Less

I would say one of my weakness is that I tend to overthink things to much sometimes. I always tend to be thinking ahead and sometimes along with that I overthink and really stress certain things that don’t always need to be over stressed. Less

Neosho R-5 School District

How much experience do you have with children with special needs?

2 Answers

I told her of my experience with my son who needed both legs casted when he was young, working with a wheelchair and some lasting after affects in his development. Less

I have experience as a student tutor for special needs kids, which were mainly ages 7-10 at montello elementary school. I also have experience working with special needs individuals of all ages from previous places I have worked. I’ve worked with a variety of challenged individuals for about the last 4 years. Less

Denver Public Schools

What is a situation in which you have been challenged by a student and how did you meet that challenge and learn from it for future lessons

2 Answers

I had a student who would keep talking even when she wasn’t supposed to. I tried changing her seat frequently, talking to her parents then finally settled on having her take a paper and write out what’s on her mind in the back of the room which seemed most effective. I also found that letting her help with tasks worked Less

I talked about a student with autism I had that used to spit on me and other paras every time we tried to get him to learn and do work. I explained the many tactics we came up with and tried as a team and the many ways I tried on my own to get his behavior to change. Until we finally came up with a tactic of reward and recoil that got him away from spiting and excited to do work. Less

Spectrum Center

What is the most challenging situation you've been in with a student and how did you handle this situation?

1 Answers

I had been a paraprofessional at my previous job. I talked about a situation I had with one of my students and how I was able to resolve it. I also talked about how I grew from this situation. Less

Califon School District

What is your availability?

1 Answers

I'm flexible and available just about any time you need me to work

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