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Aspire Public Schools
Speech Language Pathologist was asked...26 February 2018

Why do you want to work for ASPIRE? Tell me about your experience with the education system? Tell me about a time you disagreed with a supervisor and what was the outcome? Tell me about a time you experienced a difficult child behaviorally and how did you approach it?

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I want to work for ASPIRE because you work with the same population whom I have always been passionate about, the low-income underserved youth. This position gives me the opportunity to be a part of the solution rather than just talking about it. With my current supervisor sometimes we don't see eye to eye in how to handle the kids. I take the time and listen to her and since she is the supervisor she has the final word so I respect her opinion and make it work Less

ASPIRE serves the population of students whom I have always been passionate about educating: the low-income youth. It gives me a chance to be a part of the educational process rather than just talking about it. Additionally, I would like to keep working in the afterschool sector. Last year I had a couple of students who were exceptionally challenging. They would do as they pleased: walk out of class without permission, walk around the class instead of sitting in their seats. For the girl, I had a meeting with her mother in the class. We chose a seat for her to sit in everyday when she comes to class to do her work. I also assigned her special jobs to do when she's finished working. The assigned seat worked. One day I had to tell her twice to sit down and do her work and she came into the class late from the bathroom. I made her miss out on free coloring and explained why. In one instance another teacher informed me that she lied about going outside to get her bag. She was playing. I decreased the opportunities for her to go outside by having extra work packets and using the bathroom in the class. For the boy after talking to him twice I would have him sit in time out for 5 minutes then ask him why he's there. He would do better after the time outs and started to help clean the class on his own Less

sometimes I don't always agree with the way the teacher in my class does things but I listen to her point of view and try to handle things the way she does as much as possible Less

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Would i commit to working for the agency for a year and sign a contract.

3 Answers

Patient continuity is important as our clients become very attached to their therapist. The intent of a year commitment to foster continuity of care is the essence of the question. All of our contracts have exit clauses in them for both the agency and the contractor. Should the agency become unsatisfied with the contractor's service or the contractor wish to stop providing service for any reason, neither are locked into the contract commitment without options. It is expected, however, that proper notice to end the relationship would be given per the terms of the contract. Less

I have worked for a few companies who have lengthy contracts with multiple additions and huge loop holes who ask for a year. This contract was to the point, efficient and spelled out my expectations. It does state exit terms, with an patient care you need to ensure that the patient doesn't suffer. I was glad to sign. Less

I said I plan to work there for as long as i am happy but can't imagine an agency wanting someone to continue employment if they were not happy in their job. What kind of employee would that be for the agency? Less

Kindred Hospitals

What has your clinical experience been and what are you interested in?

2 Answers

My clinical experiences have range from children in birth to four, children from the age of three years old to 18-year-old in the school for kids with profound autism. Outpatient rehab facility working with patients from dealing with their autism diagnosis in providing support to the family, I loved working with my friends who had a diagnosis of down syndrome, and I also got very effective and efficient and utilizing AAC devices. Over the past five years I have taking a stronger interest in swallowing, following my Johns Hopkins rotation during the year of 2010 in Baltimore Maryland. My main interests are receptive and expressive speech and language skills, memory care, and the area I love to help with the most is receptive and expressive deficits. Less

Over the past five years my primary area focus has been home health services. I have slowly been working my way up from the speech therapist to a preceptor and now provide input during vital meetings in which the branch director, other preceptor, and our clinical supervisors all get together on a weekly basis and discuss how to better our home health Agency branch. When I first started at encompass three years ago, we were at a one and a half star rating and I am very proud to say that we are now at a foreign a half star rating, which had just recently decreased from a five star rating during the coronavirus pandemic. Less

Do you speak Spanish?

2 Answers


Fairly well.


Do you work well with others? What is an example?

2 Answers

I provided an example of a situation where I worked with other disciplines to provide the best care with evidence based practices. Less


Brighton Rehabilitation

How would you go about getting therapy time with a difficult patient?

1 Answers

Modify the therapy session to include interests of the patient

St. Mary's Medical Center (Florida)

Can you tell me about yourself?

1 Answers

I answered the questions based off of my past education and the relevant experiences I have has in the past. I also described why I was interested in the position. Less

Community Unit School District

What do you say if a teacher asks you to "sit in" on a classroom and complete an informal evaluation?

1 Answers

You legally cannot evaluate a child (even informally) without parent consent

Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation

They asked how I would evaluate and assess patients based on incoming diagnoses.

1 Answers

I provided detailed information about standardized and non-standardized measures used to assess individuals. Less

Etiwanda School District

They asked me about what preferences I had for site and type of severity level.

1 Answers

I wanted to work with middle schools and severely handicapped students.

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