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Deck Cadet Sponsorship was asked...22 June 2016

How many years would you take to become a captain

2 Answers

At least 10- 15 year if you are lucky , if you are not lucky 20 year approx .

10 years

Chelsea Building Society

what do you see your role as in a team?

1 Answers

As the person who people can lean on and ask for a bit of support if they are having a bit of a crisis. I'm not precious when it comes in mucking in. Less

Comcar Industries

I was asked to "sell" something to them.

1 Answers

I have sales experience which they already knew and I just acted out as if I was at one of my previous jobs selling their product. Went really well. Less

How would you look at increasing revenue for the company from sponsorships

1 Answers

By mentioning names of companies i had made in roads with

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars

It's card to identify a single questions, although the interview consisted of too many abstract questions that didn't seem to relate to an applicant's ability to do the job and/or fit in with the company culture.

1 Answers

No offer - had to contact the HR rep to find out rather than hearing from them.

Describe your greatest challenges in your last position

1 Answers

Team communication in my last position was the most difficult aspect, to put it in simple terms Less

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Why did you choose to leave your current company?

1 Answers

Answer to the above question was due to instability of the company. Interviewers then contradicted each other during the interview - one advised that the interviewee should then work in the public sector while another said the public sector is no longer as stable. Less

Gameday Media

How do you feel about making 300 cold-calls a day?

1 Answers

If that's what it takes, I don't mind at all.

Gameday Media

If I liked to make money

1 Answers



Explain to me the SPIN selling process

1 Answers

situation, problem, implication, need-based

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