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Deck Cadet Sponsorship was asked...22 June 2016

How many years would you take to become a captain

2 Answers

At least 10- 15 year if you are lucky , if you are not lucky 20 year approx .

10 years

Chelsea Building Society

what do you see your role as in a team?

1 Answers

As the person who people can lean on and ask for a bit of support if they are having a bit of a crisis. I'm not precious when it comes in mucking in. Less

How would you look at increasing revenue for the company from sponsorships

1 Answers

By mentioning names of companies i had made in roads with

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars

It's card to identify a single questions, although the interview consisted of too many abstract questions that didn't seem to relate to an applicant's ability to do the job and/or fit in with the company culture.

1 Answers

No offer - had to contact the HR rep to find out rather than hearing from them.

Indiana State University

What was your largest sponsorship account?

1 Answers

With an exact number

Whiteboard Federal

Describe your greatest challenges in your last position

1 Answers

Team communication in my last position was the most difficult aspect, to put it in simple terms Less

Comcar Industries

I was asked to "sell" something to them.

1 Answers

I have sales experience which they already knew and I just acted out as if I was at one of my previous jobs selling their product. Went really well. Less

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Why did you choose to leave your current company?

1 Answers

Answer to the above question was due to instability of the company. Interviewers then contradicted each other during the interview - one advised that the interviewee should then work in the public sector while another said the public sector is no longer as stable. Less

Six Flags

Pretty standard interview--there were no surprises

1 Answers

Standard background review and chat a little about position responsibilites.

Mediterranean Shipping Company

Basic Physics, Mathematics questions were asked. General laws of physics related to ship stability(Archimedes principle & buoyancy) BONUS POINT : MSC doesn't ask questions related to chemistry as its a container fleet ( As per my experience and that of my friends) Having various levels of certificate in sports , NCC or any extra curricular activities will boost your chances of getting selected, as MSC searches for talented people.

1 Answers

I answered pretty well, I was confident on myself more than my knowledge of subjects, being positive during interview is a plus point and fluency in English is a must according to me, as I've noticed others getting rejected just because of language barrier(NOTE: THIS IS FOR OFFICER LEVEL INTERVIEW NOT FOR CREW.I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT CREW INTERVIEW) Less

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