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What are your strengths and weaknesses

1 Answer

The answer to this is purely subjective and everyone needs to find their own version of the answer. There is no one right answer to this.

Why you want to join Decathlon

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- What sport do you practice - Why Decathlon - Tell something about you, what is not mentioned in your resume

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Why do you want to goin decathlon Which sports do you like and why How you relate to sport About yourself

Why do you want to join us?

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The company mainly looking for entrepreneurship skills So they asked to me ,if iam giving you 200000 rs and what business will you start.

- Tell us about yourself - What do we do at Decathlon? - Why do you want to join Decathlon? - What is your dream?

Strengths and weakness what is your passion sport where you see yourself in 5years all questions based on what you write in the DRD sheet

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