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Polestar Solutions & Services India
SQL BI Developer was asked...1 February 2020

Puzzle: A coin is in one of the inverted bags. First bag says 'Coin is in third bag', second says: 'There is no coin here' and third says: 'There is no coin here'. Considering one statement is true while two are false, where is the coin?

2 Answers

I answered second bag. But, he said it was wrong.

coin is in first bag as: put first statement false i.e. coin is not in third in third bag put third statement true i.e. coin is not in third bag so it's concluded by two statements that coin is not in third bag. now put the second statement true which says coin is not here i.e. coin is not in 2 or 3 bag Less

SCAN Health Plan

How to remove duplicate records

2 Answers

Use CTE.

or to clarify duplicates into a staging table when you are taking a subset of all the fields and you know what specific fields you are after, INSERT INTO > (>) SELECT > FROM (>) GROUP BY > having count(*)>1 and to add only those that are not duplicates INSERT INTO > (>) SELECT > FROM >) T GROUP BY > having count(*)=1 Less

CCS Global Tech

What's the types of joints?How to create a table?

2 Answers


Inner join outer join (left join right join) self join full join; CREATE TABLE statement Less


Window functions

1 Answers

-theory; usability; examples


What kind of reports did you create.

1 Answers

SSRS, Excel with VBA, PowerBI from Azure

American Campus Communities

They asked me to explain my recent projects which speak of my technical skills.

1 Answers

I explained my recent projects with all the challenges I had to face and overcome them in achieving the results. Less

Water Plus

Difference between Index Types (clustered, non clustered, column store)

1 Answers

Explained the structure, along with the advantages / disadvantaged of each type. However, my answer was very "text Booked" although correct... Less

PCS Global Tech

Control Flow Statements

1 Answers

The control flow statement used to control the flow of query execution in store proc or batch statements. They are IF...ELSE, WHILE, GOTO, RETURN, WAITFOR, BREAK, CONTINUE, and BEGIN...END Less

The Offer I kick myself now for not using glass door to find out abut this company first.

1 Answers

I got the offer before I even made it home from the interview. 35min drive for me to the location. I kick myself now for not using glass door to find out abut this company first. Less

Polestar Solutions & Services India

Make a dashboard having sales, customers and product tables. Tell the KPIs for the same.

1 Answers

Made sales per product, sales per customer type and products per customer KPIs

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