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SQL - Trigger, Stored Procedure, SQL Basics, truncate & delete HR - Joins, Multirow functions

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Trigger is a kind of special stored procedure which will execute automatically when a when an event occures in database server.

Stored procedure is a prepared SQL code which is saved for reusing.

Truncate is similar to the delete command but it removes entire table. Delete is the command Which is used to remove some data by using where clause.

1. Aptitude, reasoning, English, C, C++ 2. Project 3. WAP for bubble sort. 4. WAQ for having clause 5. Multiple inheritance 6. OOPs concept

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Different types of joins.

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Delete duplicate records from a table

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Puzzle: A coin is in one of the inverted bags. First bag says 'Coin is in third bag', second says: 'There is no coin here' and third says: 'There is no coin here'. Considering one statement is true while two are false, where is the coin?

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I have weight machine, I put 100 KG gold on one side and 100 KG cotton on another side, which weight is heavier??

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find top 10 employee by using DENSE RANK.? SELECT 10 FROM DUAL MINUS SELECT 5 FROM DUAL.? Query for deleting duplicate rows. Write a procedure to store all the data from a table to a collection table.

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Q1: What are triggers? Q2: what are joins and state its types? Q3: What is View?Can we insert, update, delete on view? Q4: What are Aggregate functions?

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Calculate the no of exp of the employees from the joining date from table?

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