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SQL Server Applications Developer was asked...16 September 2021

In HR Round, basically why do you want to join the company, What are you expecting in this role


Temporal Tables, CDC, CTE & Recursive CTE, Rank vs Dense_rank, Lead & Lag, INDEXSCAN vs INDEXSEEK, Nested Hash vs Merge Joins, Merge statement and few basic SQL Query questions.


What are different types of joins and when you use them? How to read a execution plan? What is hash join?


1001 indexing questions which are obsolete in modern data warehousing.

Universal Health Services, Inc.

General interview questions. Who are you? What's your experience? Why our company? Stuff similar to that.


Países que usan linkedin

1 Answers

Us, india ,Brasil

Rockstar Games

Describe what a partitioned table is and it's benefits

BA Continuum India

1.What are joins 2.What are cursors and how they are used


why sql

1 Answers

sql is cheaper and highly sclable

Neoquant Solutions

sql joins, constraints, normalization etc

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