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How can you access global static variables from other files

2 Answers

global static variables have file scope and cant be accessed outside the file. That's the difference between global static and global.

we can use a function to access the variable or its pointer

C questions , design related questions

1 Answer

Process a prefix expression.

1 Answer

Based on my project

1 Answer

Software design based questions. Questions were very ambiguous and interviewer was not willing to explain the question or answer clarifications related to the question. Seems his mind was preset with one solution and he was not allowing me to explain my though process, when the solution provided by me was not satisfying to him, he was just moving to next question, not allowing to revise the solution and he failed to pin point the flaw in my design. Overall the questions were easy but I couldn't understand what the interview was expecting.

1 Answer

Write a function to perform string copy using pointers

1 Answer

The question on the product life cycle

1 Answer

there was more terminology quest, some terms are used differently and they wanted the exact term.

1 Answer

C Basics and Networking Concepts

4 Answers

Next was tool test

1 Answer
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