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Just leave a message here with the questions & I will post the solution in 5-10 minutes if I have got the same questions or I will write the solution if I know it. I got 3 coding problems to be done 90 minutes.

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Thanks for quick help, it helped me to clear the coding round. But is the use of CCAT now & how can I work on this?

For CCAT one can prepare for mathematical aptitude questions, questions around the next number in the given series of numbers. Have some practise around simple simple probability, permutation/combination questions. You will also see many questions around the given figures where you need to identify the next figure or which figure doesn't match in the given list of figures. If you are Indian candidate then you will have 20 minutes to solve these 40 questions, else you will get 15 minutes to solve 50 questions. First part will be your Personality test with no time limit & you will get about 150 questions to select the right option as per your view. Second part is aptitude test & calculate the per question time for you & try to answer within that time only or else select your best possible wild guess. There is no negative marking. Now you have given the answers as per your understanding, later you will get the result as per their understanding. All The Best.

I had 2 rounds - Round1 : General Java, ElasticSearch & RestService questions. Round2 : How will you have the counter of visitors, in your Rest based backend. Write some code. What & why will you chose ArrayList or LinkedList for the given scenario. Puzzle on coins flip in dark & divide them in 2 groups.

C Basics and Networking Concepts

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Programming question of reverse number using recursion, some medium level Java, selenium questions, collections

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Coding round

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Basic linked list Array Sorting, searching Virtual function calls Some problem using BST Map implementation in C++ Write a singleton class Design patterns

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What happens when an WinAPI is called

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How can you access global static variables from other files

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It includes basic concepts, IPC, OS fundamentals. Given some real world problem scenarios, how you will solve it.

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math puzzle about ppl standing in a circle and the k'th guy getting shot repeatedly, find the last man standing

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Write code to implement a LRU cache with eviction

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