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Question on array rotation, reversing alternative k nodes of a linked list. copy of a linked list with next and random pointer. Next round was on design. The interviewer asked me to design and implement the UNIX tail command. And a discussion on a memory management in user space and kernel space. Difference between them. Producer consumer problem and how would you tackle the problem to avoid starvation, Managerial round: Few behavioral questions and why do you want to work with our company etc.

DS, Algo. Designing (HLD+LLD) 1. Rotate Matrix by 90 degree. 2. Tiny URL design. 3. BST related

What is the role of RSA keys in SSL/TLS handshake.

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Basic Java questions, hibernate n+1 problem, associate dependency in maven, design patterns, transaction management, etc..

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Software design based questions. Questions were very ambiguous and interviewer was not willing to explain the question or answer clarifications related to the question. Seems his mind was preset with one solution and he was not allowing me to explain my though process, when the solution provided by me was not satisfying to him, he was just moving to next question, not allowing to revise the solution and he failed to pin point the flaw in my design. Overall the questions were easy but I couldn't understand what the interview was expecting.

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Basic algorithm questions, code and find it's complexity. Oops, Java 8 and design pattern based questions.

Mainly on file system and VFS. Interview questions are average.

Discussion of solution design to Question 1

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