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Strength and weakness

3 Answers

positive and negative feedback

My strength is My knowledge,

My strength is my knowledge and my weakness is my I believe everyone quickly

what is aim of our company?

2 Answers

Why do you want this job

1 Answer

tell me about your self and about my experience

1 Answer

Should we just scrap everything and rework the whole job," you ask, "or should we ship everything and hope the customer doesn't notice?"

1 Answer

What company were you before

1 Answer

first they asked name and qualifications. then prior experience.

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1. Rate of depreciation for intangible assets u/s 32 2. How to calculated exemption of HRA? 3. If an assessed is working in City X and owns a house in City Y, is he eligible for exemption for payment of rent? 4. Explain the disallowance u/s 40(a) 5. Is setting off short term capital loss against long term capital gain allowed?

1 Answer

basic knowledge in computer

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Business Case Analysis

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