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Oberoi Hotels & Resorts
STEP Trainee was asked...7 March 2013

Tell me some thing about oberois

2 Answers

maa k lodo kaam ki ciz to dalte no ho or bkchodi kr k rkhi hui ha side p... qustions k ans tumhara baap dega.... Less

Oberoi hotel are the world bestest hotel because they follow our own Traditional and culture which show how much they respect our nation.... Less

STEP was asked...27 August 2016

Interval scheduling, print missing numbers in an array

2 Answers

Hi, there! Can you tell me if I am eligible to apply for Google STEP 2018 in Europe if I am from Asia? If yes, then did you meet people from within Asia while you were interning at Google? Less

The questions were too trivial so I just gave them the answer

STEP Intern was asked...27 December 2020

One problem was to "Given an array Arr (distinct elements) of size N. Rearrange the elements of array in zig-zag fashion. The converted array should be in form a < b > c < d > e < f"

2 Answers

it is easy to come up with a O(n) solution

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STEP was asked...3 November 2017

Algorithms questions, one was kinda object oriented and you had to be really organized to make it work NDA

2 Answers

Hi there! Have you got an interview for STEP 2018 yet?

Well didn't have the interview yet for STEP 2018, but I'm gonna have it soon :)

Oberoi Hotels & Resorts
STEP Trainee was asked...12 September 2015

Describe yourself. Why do you want to join us. Why should we hire you. What qualities do you possess. Why hotel management?

2 Answers

, because this hotel have a long chain property and Oberoi Group of hotels give me opportunity to have to work and develop my skill and knowledge and try to learning things in a better way Less

i join you because oberoi group of hotels is a international group and give many oppourtunities to their employees in future , you should hire me because i have interest in this field and i work with sincerity and my learning skills are also good , i have a calm nature , good learning ability and sincere in work , i choose hotel management becuse i have interest in this field and i love this job Less

Cabell Huntington Hospital

What is your greatest weakness? and "If your CNA hasn't done the task you expected of them, how do you handle this?

2 Answers

Weakness: (difficukt to answer, but be honest) CNA: Do the task myself because ultimately I am responsible for that patient. Then find out later why the CNA dropped the ball, their answer might be legit&gt; Less

I have been a STNA for 31 years and also Administration at Barrett Cancer Center in. Cincinnati. I’ve worked Hospice , Cardiac , Peds ,, Dementia . Etc . I know what my boundaries are as a STNA I am a team player I do what I am supposed to do and I am a perfectionist and I use all precautions as needed and when needed . I will assist the RN as she ask . I think no task is to good for me whether it be giving a bath or taking vitals . Thank you for your Time Less

Republic Airways

why do you want to be a republic Airways flight attendant?

2 Answers

because I've always wanted to be a flight attendant it's always something that I wanted to do Less

so,they send a email back letting you know if you pass the interview or no?


How do you apply motivational interviewing techniques?

1 Answers

Tell me how you deal with difficult situations.


How did you hear about Acquire?

1 Answers

Where did you spend the most time researching Acquire?

Newton Europe

Tell us a bit about Newton Europe?

1 Answers

Newton Europe Ltd. is an operational consultancy focussing on three subfields: private, public and defence. The company was initially started by Andrew (Andy) Hawes, Thomas (Tom) Wedgewood and Kevin Jones (who has recently retired over health concerns). The trio originally entered a consultancy, Hagen &amp; Co, at virtually the same time in 1997 but ended up frustrated with inefficiencies, a lack of skin in the game, and a lack of prioritisation of creating real value. The team all studied engineering at Cambridge and came together to form Newton Industrial Ltd in 2001. Newton Europe is based out of Oxford, and contrary to its name, has nearly all its projects based out of the UK. They have two podcast series which I recommend which talk about graduate experiences as a Newtonian, and also a guest lecture series. Less

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