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You are standing on Earth. You walk 1 mile south, one mile west and one mile north. You end up back exactly where you started. Where are you standing? Give all the possible answers.

3 Answers

one mile west of the initial position you have started

The North Pole and any other points over a circle 1 mile north of the south pole.

north pole

Can you draw a triangle whose angles do not add upto 180 degrees?

3 Answers

Tell me your ability to work under pressure?

2 Answers

Basic questions such as BM diagram of continuos beam

1 Answer

Draw bending moment diagram of drawn beam Find area of footing

1 Answer

Working Stress Method, Limit state method, Steel design and basic construction related questions

1 Answer

1. Generally they will as about your past Experience 2. Structural Analysis and Design Concepts 3. Codes

1 Answer

They asked me how to make an ellipse and the instruments needed??

1 Answer

Design of Steel structure

1 Answer

Why are you choosing this company

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