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Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg
Student-at-Law was asked...24 September 2015

One question that trumped me was: if you were a prime minister for a day, what one law would you change and why?

6 Answers

For election day - only tax payers could vote. As citizens who pay taxes generally responsible for their decisions. Less

Cancel the deduction of Income tax on earnings. Increase the retail tax for businesses. The more money people have the more they will spend and this in turn will increase the economy, create more jobs Less

The Constitution. Whatever you write in there, all other laws and regulations will have to be adjusted and you do not have to worry about it. It is hard for the Prime Minister to change it, but if you can - it is the best choice. Less

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DTE Energy

Explain a time you missed a key piece of information during work or on a project and what you did to overcome it. Explain a time you went above and beyond with a group Explain a project you worked on where you had to do some deep research to get your answers.

5 Answers

Its been 4 days since verbal offer, she said she needs supervisors signature for the written offer. Should I worried? Less

It could be that you are starting some time in January and they are just processing offers for those starting sooner. I would just follow up with your recruiter next week. Less

Yeah, you are right, I do start in January. Thank you. Lol

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Government of Canada

What are three words others would choose to describe you?

4 Answers

Smart worker Team player Humanity

Change agent Detailed Punctual

Detailed Change Agent Punctual

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Missouri Western State University

What hours are you available to work? (they work around your schedule)

3 Answers

I do like to work mornings and afternoons


I provided them with my class schedule as well as some other conflicts of schedule, and a tentative schedule. Less


If you were to choose between two companies to work for, which you both like, what would be the factor that would influence your decision for one of them?

3 Answers

The one that will improve my skills and experience fast, and make me growing in filed with a lot of experience and expertise. Technically the more i got improved, the my company grow up Less

The sense of community around the company, and which ever one helps me grow and develop myself better for the future Less

Technically, the one which help me to grow up my skills, experience and knowledge in filed. The more i grow up. The more my company inflate Less

SF State University

What projects would you be interested in working on?

3 Answers

I said that I would be interested in doing controls. When Dr. Quintero started to list a few projects, I picked the projects that I was interested in. Less

I will be interested in creativity projects

I would be interested in fabrication and creativity projects, I like inventing into new ideas Less

Elbit Systems

Implement x^y function in an imaginary proccessor who doesnt have +, /, * operators.

3 Answers

without i+=1... the main idea is to iterate and do the sum mul with && // probably have some mistakes in what i wrote.. Less

without i+=1... the main idea is to iterate and do the sum mul with && // probably have some mistakes in what i wrote.. Less

change numbers to binary call a func - f(x , x , 1) f (int a , int b , int i) { while i <= y { b = calc a*b with && || of binary nums; i+= 2; iterate with a ,b , i+1 } return answer } not organized but thats the idea... Less


There was no questions like "What would you do if..". It was more o fa free talk

3 Answers

I went through my CV explaining in detail my experience, projects (college, professional) I worked on, chalenges faced while working on those projects and how I approached them and dealt with them. A bit about college experience and projects and the final project. Also gave some information about myself, what kind of person I am, what I like doing in my free time, etc. just to let them know that I am a "real" person and have interests outside work or work related. Less

How long did it took you to get an offer letter (after the call from recruiter,confirming your selection) ? Less

I didn't go through any recruitment agency. I applied for that position directly on IBM career website. As far as I can remember it took approximately 1-2 weeks to contact me after I sent the application and another week or two after my interview to get an offer. Less

Centre for Genomic Regulation

Where do you see yourself in 10 years.

2 Answers

Successful scientists, group leader myself

I see happy, a successful man. Enjoying my efforts and living with my family. Working in a place that I love and seeing how my jobs has been and is useful. Less

Elbit Systems

Given an array of integers of size N, and an int L, find if L is in N. Then they ask how many "=" are in this solution. Then they ask you to cut it by about half.

3 Answers

***First solution will be*** go over the whole array in a loop and put an if statement calling if the arr[i] == L. inside the if we call L is in the array outside the loop, we call L is not in the array this sol has 2 "=" ***second solution will be *** firstly we need to sort the array and then using a loop we again use if statement the statement checks if L is smaller the arr[i] if it is true so we know L is in the array at the end of the loop, we declare L is not in the array Less

+ + int the second answer I needed to check if the equals or smaller + + then the second solution is evolving 1 "=" Less

"if it is true so we know L is in the array" - why? if the array is [2,3,5] and L = 1, you will return true because L <= arr[0] Less

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