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Supply Chain Project Manager was asked...22 May 2017

I was provided two supply chain case studies during the interview.

2 Answers

If I were you I’d hire me. Newburyport, MA 01950 Remote work from home

I’d hire me.

how would you ship a container from bangkok to houston, texas within 30days?

1 Answers

Fake review

Truco Enterprises

There was a panel interview with multiple questions. How would you react in this situation; share with me a situation with this kind of outcome, how do you address employees with XYZ.

1 Answers

With the best of my abilities and knowledge.


none, these guys didn't know what they wanted or what they were doing.

1 Answers

I more or less ended the interview as I didnt want to work there


Three of the four interviewers complained that the COO and Marketing department were selling phones that they don't have and not selling phones of which they have an excess...

1 Answers

Not that it's a question, in that anyone on earth could accurately see that they need to (A) map out a proper M&OP, and (B) have a CMO and COO in place of having the chief operating officer also be the head of Marketing... Less

Connecticut Children's Medical Center

Have you ever broken the rules at your current company?

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Yes, I had to stretch the interpretation of one policy.


There were a lot of questions ranging from job specific to scenario based. One question asked was how do you deal with conflict?

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We are here to run a business and often times conflict comes from emotion which is often times not based on data. Decisions should be heavily based on data. Less


How would you contribute to implement 6 sigma in the culture?

1 Answers

Training, start with small projects, getting ideas from employees, getting support from top management. Less


Selon vous, qui sont nos concurrents ?

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Sandro, maje, zadig et Voltaire


Interview based on many competencies and behavioral questions. Typical of a lot of interviews. They did share a 'hypothetical' question to me (a real situation for them) and asked me to walk through all the process steps on how i would approach a solution

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Responded articulating a similar situation that i most recently had gone through and approach / solution that I took. Less

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