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what is relative path? write a program to convert relative path to absolute path.

5 Answers

convert /usr/./local/../../bin/./../var/./log/ the absolute path for this is /var/log/ I had been asked to write a shell script to find it.

readlink -m "relative path" Example., readlink -m .. Will give the absolute path of the parent directory

readlink doesn't accept any parameter "-m"

Find the second maximum element in an unsorted array of integers, using single for loop.

6 Answers

why the cover of a gutter man hole is circular in shape?

4 Answers

On a revenue loss of a client

4 Answers

which are the private network addresses?

5 Answers

How to implement security between ASP.NET and SQL server database

2 Answers


3 Answers

Asked to show IP address and and MAC address on PC. and ask about difference between static IP and dynamic IP.

2 Answers

Very individualistic

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why exactly u want to leave your job ?

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