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Sustaining Engineer was asked...20 June 2011

Logic question - You are alone on an island with these items; cigarette lighter, cell phone, 2 fuse ropes Known: - each rope is consumed by fire in 60 seconds - you can't assume constant burn rate for any portion of rope, only total time - you can't cut ropes Problem: How to measure 45 seconds

11 Answers

use your celll phone!!

-Light both end of RopeA = 30 secs -Bend Rope B in half, light both ends and the folded middle portion when rope A finish burning= 15 secs. Less

Light both ends of RopeA and one end of RopeB. When RopeA is consumed (30 sec), light remaining end of RopeB resulting in RobeB being consume 15 seconds later making a total of 45 seconds. Less

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Trinity Biotech

I was asked about my familiarity with ISO or FDA regulations

1 Answers

I have worked in the nuclear industry and with bio research so I am familiar with procedures for quality and government regulation. I told them that I did not work directly with the regulatory body but had to ensure my work and data recording methods were compliant with the company policies. Less


Give me an example when you solved a problem by thinking out-of-the-box.

1 Answers

Tell me how did you research make an impact.


Why do you want this job and where would your start?

1 Answers

To make a global impact and change the carbon footprint of product producing processes. Less

Whirlpool Corporation

Why do you choose this position

1 Answers

I am passionate about sustainability


what makes you think to apply for this position

1 Answers

i gave normal answer.......

Buro Happold

How would you find out the amount of people who own bikes in Japan without being there or flying there?

1 Answers

Explain the different methods you would use to attain information. Use creativity to come up with an innovative way to attain this information! Less

Lumentum Operations

Job experience and projects based questions

1 Answers

Based on real life experience and projects done during college and in work .


Tell us about your manufacturing engineering experience

1 Answers

Went through the details of tools used, nature of problems solved and impact of solutions on business progress. Less


How would you estimate the circumference of the Earth?

1 Answers

Since the Earth has 24 time zones, estimate the width of one of those time zones and multiply by 24. Less

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